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812 Competizione: Ferrari unveils V12 duo based on the Superfast

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As if Ferrari’s premier front-engined offering, the 812 Superfast, wasn’t already an exclusive enough chariot, the Maranello-based manufacturer has upped the ante yet again with two special versions – dubbed the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A.

Of course, access to the 812 Competizione’s official unveiling earlier this week was only open to a handful of the most ardent enthusiasts of the brand and collectors of the Prancing Horse’s top models.

At the heart of the 812 Competizione

Ferrari doesn’t just introduce a special model like this without some proper justification as to why it’s so special. Let’s start with the normally aspirated V12 engine, which retains the 6.5-litre displacement of the 812 Superfast but with several revisions to coax a little more power out of it.

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The 812 Competizione distinguishes itself from its Superfast sibling by way of titanium con-rods that are 40% lighter than steel versions, diamond-like carbon coated pistons for reduced friction, a rebalanced crankshaft, camshafts with higher lift profile, more efficient intake manifold, and a variable displacement oil pump that constantly adjusts the engine’s oil pressure throughout the rev range.

The result from the new 13.5:1 compression ratio is an extra 22 kW, for a total of 610 kW at 9 250 rpm and 692 N.m of torque at 7 000 rpm. The 812 Competizione is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends the engine’s output to tarmac via the rear axle.

Not just for show, but to go

With added performance under the long and distinctive bonnet, it was only fitting that the 812 Competizione also made use of aerodynamic improvements to maximise its potential for speed. This is thanks to a redesigned exhaust system, a rear diffuser that now spans the Ferrari’s entire width, a spoiler that sits higher, rear screen delete, and bumper redesign.

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It’s not mumbo-jumbo either, because changing from the dual exhaust tailpipes to a single exit piece allows for the hot gases emitted from the exhaust to interact with the modified diffuser’s increased surface area. This combination alone is responsible for 35 % of the total downforce increase compared to the 812 Superfast.

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But there’s another one, remember?

The 812 Competizione A is a targa version of its tin-top sibling, which means that you can stow the roof when you want the wind in your hair. It’s virtually the same car, except that in 812 Competizione A guise there are carbon fibre roll hoops that rise above the seats, and a flap integrated into the windscreen that deflects air away from the cockpit.

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Thinking of signing on the dotted line? Think again, because in true Ferrari fashion you’ll have been selected as a potential buyer, so if you haven’t been informed yet then you probably won’t be able to get your hands on an 812 Competizione. Even if you’re blessed with deep pockets, that doesn’t mean you can just walk into a dealership and purchase one.

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812 Competizione
Source: supplied
812 Competizione
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