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Know Your Car – Toyota Allex Features and Pricing

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Know your Toyota Allex car – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for South Sudan.

Toyota Allex Overview, Features and History

The Toyota Corolla Allex is a 5-door hatchback based on the dependable Corolla platform. It features all-wheel drive and additional cargo space that the traditional Corolla does not have. Because Allex is based on the world’s bestselling car, parts are readily available and it is easy to maintain.

Polished and sporty, the Toyota Allex alludes to the design of European vehicles that adds to its overall appeal. Similar in a number of ways to its brother the Toyota RunX, the design of the Allex slightly differs in how it has a mesh-shaped front grille as well as a differently designed front bumper.

As of its first generation, the Allex had 3 types of direct 4 DOHC engines installed, 1.8 L variable valve timing and lift mechanism (VVTL-i), premium gasoline specification, 190 horsepower and 132 horsepower / 125 horsepower with variable valve timing mechanism (VVT-i) Type, and1.5L VVT-i 109 horsepower / 105 horsepower one type.

As the Allex has its own range of grades, additional standard and optional features included with the Allex range from a rear spoiler and privacy and UV cut glass and remote controlled exterior mirrors through to dual airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist, and low emission exhaust system.

Price of the Toyota Allex Car in South Sudan

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Cheapest Price for the Toyota Allex car: 32 Million Shillings

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A hatchback is a small to medium sized vehicle with its body configuration including a liftable rear door that allows for quick access to the cargo space. Hatchback vehicles are generally characterised as including adaptable seating arrangements that can move and fold to accommodate for larger sized goods or baggage.

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