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Know Your Car – Toyota Noah TownAce overview, features and prices

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Know your Toyota NOAH Van – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for South Sudan.

Toyota NOAH Overview, Features and Price

Comfort, safety and Fuel economy.

The Toyota Townace Noah is a minivan that provides sufficient room to transport seven or eight adults in reasonable comfort. The body design offers good occupant protection enabling it to comply with the same standards that Toyota applies to its passenger sedans. The powertrain options for the Townace Noah are either the fuel efficient petrol 1998 cc 3S-FE or the economical turbocharged diesel 2184 cc 3C-T. The Townace Noah offers an overall package of comfort, safety and economy.

Toyota Noah Durability

While some cars may not always stand the test of time, the TownAce Noah is among those that do – it is not uncommon for this sturdy and dependable Toyota van to last for many years with minimal part replacements.

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Toyota Noah Features

With a number of models and trims available, this reliable MPV includes double wishbone suspension, side impact bars, interior wood paneling, and UV-cut privacy glass in addition to optional aluminium wheels and an anti-lock braking system.

Toyota Noah Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, the TownAce Noah can get you efficiency in the range of 10.4km/L to 11.6km/L. It comes with an 8-passenger capacity, and is available in either front-wheel or full-time 4-wheel drivetrains.

Price of New and Used Toyota NOAH Vans and Mini Vans  in Juba, South Sudan

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Cheapest Price for a Used Toyota NOAH car/van : 20 Million Shillings

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A minivan, or MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), is a more compact version of a typical van that is ordinarily used for transporting larger amounts of passengers. As opposed to a van, minivans are rarely used commercially, are fitted with passenger comfort in mind, and have similar handling and fuel economy to that of a regular car.

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