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Listed: High-risk vehicles for car jamming theft

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Leading security company ADT has made a list of seven high-risk cars for car jamming theft. The company warns motorists to be more vigilant after locking vehicles.


ADT has said incidences involving remote-jamming devices have become a growing trend in Mzansi with every passing day. Motorists must be on the alert to make sure vehicles are properly locked before leaving them in a parking lot.

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The jamming device looks like a remote control and is set to the same frequency as your car remote. Criminals wait for the moment you exit your vehicle to press the button, which blocks your vehicle from locking.

ADT has said many motorists fall prey to this ploy by not paying attention.

“Unfortunately, residents are too complacent when it comes to movable property outside their security perimeter,” said Fidelity’s JHB South branch manager, Michelle Pelser.

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“Last week alone, there were twelve reported incidents where cars were stolen, six of which occurred in Alberton.”

High-risk vehicles for car jamming include two VW models, four from Toyota and just the Ranger from Ford. 

Pelser revealed these ‘high-risk’ vehicles where a tracking unit should be necessary:

  • VW Polo sedan
  • VW Polo hatchback
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Etios
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Ranger


Motorists are urged to park as near to security guards as possible, and also avoid leaving valuables anywhere else besides the boot.

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“It’s especially important not to leave any valuable items inside the car where they can be seen from the window. Rather lock these items in the boot,” she said.

“The growing use of remote jamming devices to block or jam the locking mechanism of motor vehicles has unfortunately become an everyday occurrence. Always check that the car is locked by testing the door. Don’t assume that by pressing the remote locking that your car is locked,” she said.

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