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Look no further than a Troopy if you need an armoured Cruiser

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Gauteng-based SVI Engineering has just announced that the second variant of its SVI Max 3 model, an eight-seater armoured personnel carrier called the Troopy is now ready to order. The firm, which specialises in bulletproof vehicles, says this civilian-friendly vehicle is suited for industries that require secure transportation; such as mining, security and civil security.

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B6 protection level defends Troopy against rifles

Designed to defend its occupants in hostile environments, the armour-plated steel body of SVI’s Max 3 Troopy replaces the Land Cruiser’s regular exterior panels. This allows for resistance against assault rifles like the AK47 and R1, but it is upgradable to the blast-resistance BR6 level.

In military guise, the Max 3 Troopy can be custom fitted with communications equipment and mounts for .50 caliber armaments. It was also designed to fit and fly in a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport airplane. 

Troopy is backed by Toyota’s reputation

Starting at R1.8m, the Troopy uses any of the powertrain options that the Land  Cruiser 79 comes with. Modifications include the fitment of wheels and tyres with a higher load rating to compensate for the added weight, an upgraded suspension system, and an extra anti-roll bar at the rear.

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The wide availability of Toyota spare parts and service items means that you can have your SVI Max 3 worked on almost anywhere, but SVI recommends that you have your Troopy serviced every 5 000 km.

We spoke to SVI

“The thing with normal armoured vehicles is that they take a lot of damage during riots. So the vehicle is not just shot at with bullet, but also hit with hand throw projectiles like bricks and bottles. The Troopy can take a lot of abuse without sustaining any damage.”

Nicol Louw, Business Development Manager at SVI Engineering

“Those who order bespoke military-type vehicles will often have to have a part flown in when the vehicle breaks down, but the main advantage of the Troopy is that you can have it serviced at any Toyota dealership.”

Nicol Louw, Business Development Manager at SVI Engineering

The Troopy seats its driver and seven passengers. Image: SVI Engineering.


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