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Mrs South Africa contestants master critical hijack management skills

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And against the backdrop of South Africa’s terrifying crime rate, in which violence against women and hijackings are worringly significant features, the training session will be valuable for the bevy of beauties and their loves ones who will also benefit from the skills.

Hijack management skills well worth knowing

According to the driver training specialist, which revealed details of  the session via MotorPress on Wednesday 17 March 2021,  MasterDrive and Mrs South Africa worked together during the pageant weekend to share critical hijack management skills.

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“The contestants found the course enlightening and each took valuable skills home that they can apply to their daily lives and share with their loved ones,” said MasterDrive.

Manage only if impossible to avoid

The company’s managing director Eugene Herbert said the team has named their training hijack management for a specific reason.

“We teach participants how to manage potential hijack situations and then what to do, should it be impossible to avoid a hijack situation. MasterDrive empowered the contestants of Mrs South Africa with the skills required to remain safe on South African roads irrespective of the danger faced.”

Well received by Mrs South Africa contestants

“The team appreciated the opportunity to share some essentials when it comes to one’s personal safety on the roads. It was a session thoroughly enjoyed by all with in-depth interaction and participation experienced as the contestants were eager to discover new information and apply this to unique situations they or their loved ones experienced before,” said Herbert.

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MasterDrive maintains that arming one’s self with information about hijack management is important for all that drive or travel in a car.

Sharing is not only caring, but also important

The company went on to say that it always encourages the recipients of the hijack management workshops to share the information learnt with as many people as possible. 

“In this way we can empower individuals to avoid risky situations or safely remove themselves from a hijack scenario with the lowest potential for that interaction to go wrong. This is our way of giving back to the community on the principle that knowledge is power,” said Herbert.

MasterDrive said it appreciated the opportunity to share these skills with the contestants of Mrs South Africa.

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“Many of the ladies have families and took the information shared seriously. It is always a pleasure to work with such a receptive audience. Together we can make a difference, one day, one kilometre, one life at a time,” concluded Herbert. 

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