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ONroute with the EV program

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On Dec. 27, 2011, this photograph of a sign was posted online by an early electric vehicle adopter. Snapped at an ONroute station, it promised this was the “Future home of electric vehicle plug-in charging stations.” The first of those chargers finally opened in late February 2022, in time for March Break road trips.

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The popular rest stops on Ontario’s 400-series highways are obviously logical places for quick charging stations.

For any EV owner who has driven up to one of these signs, the news of the first six ONroute quick charging stations opening is not only a technical achievement, but also sociological: recognition that EVs and their drivers are finally entering the mainstream motoring conversation.

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Nine more stations are slated to open by the end of March, and 17 additional ONroute locations are planned for summer 2022 on the Ivy Network.

Even if the gas pumps still vastly outnumber quick charge points, and will for years more, these stations notably have chargers available for all quick-charging battery electric vehicles, including Teslas.

The fact that it took so long for the ONroute charging stations to appear speaks to the difficulty of making money from a tiny fraction of the driving public that largely “fuels up’” at home. Still, this is welcome news for many EV owners, and I can’t wait to plan my next road trip around them.

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Michael Bettencourt bought his first EV in late 2011 and has followed the Canadian EV scene ever since. Follow him on Twitter @MCBet10court

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