Welcome to Monde Motors, South Sudan’s Genuine Car Website and Seller of Real Brand New and Durable Used Cars from Japanese, German, American and UK Car Makers. Buy Real High Quality Cars on our Website using a trusted car dealership with 20+ years experience in South Sudan’s auto industry. Visit our car bond on Plot 10 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero for physical car inspection, test driving and car financing options for your next vehicle.


We are a Juba based Local New and Used Cars dealership/seller at Cheaper Prices in South Sudan. Our car listing website is an extension of our physical car bonds – you’ll find REAL cars listed on our online car website and physically available offline in our car bond in for inspection and test driving.

Browse through hundreds of cheaper priced and low fuel consumption (fuel economy) used and new cars and negotiate the price of all cars directly with our sales team – NO MIDDLE MAN to inflate your car price. Car Trade In/Barter/Exchange/Top Up Accepted.


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Brand New and Used Car Importer at Cheap Prices in Juba

Buying a car is a major financial decision – Monde Motors takes it upon itself to display and describe all vehicle stock in an accurate, open and transparent manner to prevent any misrepresentation of any kind whatsoever.  Shop with confidence on our online car website, choose your desired car(s), compare different cars using our web tools and bargain using our fully functional price negotiation feature. 

Every online buyer is encouraged to visit our physical car bond for a free car inspection and test drive. Monde Motors operates a car website with a real car bond.  There is no middle man to inflate the final price of your car – you get to deal directly with our sales team.


Experienced New and Used Car Dealers/Sellers/Importers/Bond since 2001

Trading in South Sudan’s used and brand new car industry since 2001, Monde Motors has established a reputation as a trusted and experienced auto trader in South Sudan’s auto sales industry for over 20 years. South Sudann car owners looking for affordable and cheap to maintain vehicles have bought thousands of car units from us over the decades and they continue their relationship with us because of our transparency and support in the whole car buying experience.

We understand you work hard for your money; we value your choice, and seek to give you the best car deal for your money – that’s why our professional sales managers will guide you through all the ins and outs, mechanics and features of your chosen car.

Hundreds of New and Used Cars Stocked in the Juba Bond every month

Ranging from small passenger up to large SUVs, utility & commercial vehicles, We have a wide range of products available specifically designed for local conditions on South Sudan’s road network.

Over the years, Monde Motors has developed the capacity to import large stocks of cars and pay all local duties to South Sudann customs so that the final buyer simply picks their car, transfers ownership and drives their new car on the same day. Streamlining this process has made car buying easy for most car buyers in the country. Whether it is used (second hand)  or brand new Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Land Rover, Audi, Renault, Peugeot, BMW, Subaru, Honda cars, trucks, pickups, vans, mini buses and convertibles, we have it all in our car bond in Juba – at the best prices.


Low Prices Guaranteed for Car Buyers – A car for every Budget. PRICES NEGOTIABLE! 

A common question in South Sudan is what price to pay for a used or second hand car. For the new cars, the price is usually fixed. Monde Motors guarantees the most pocket friendly prices for every new or used car in our Juba bond. How do we ensure the best prices for cars that are affordable by customers?

There is a streamlined procedure we have adopted to keep car prices as low as possible and to suit every car buyer’s budget. First we ensure we import high quality cars directly from source countries including Japan, United Kingdom, France and the United States and pay all the insurance and freight charges up to South Sudan. As a large car importer, economies of scale allow us to ship cars to South Sudan at much lower costs than smaller single vehicle unit importers.


Real Cars Listed on the Website available in a Real Car Bond. SOLD cars indicated. 

Cars displayed on the website are available locally in our car bond in Juba, unless indicated as sold, in which case you can browse through other similar ranges of cars and choose one of your liking, comfort and budget.


Every Car Question Answered on our Website

If you are looking for the most popular cars in South Sudan, car bonds for used cars, prices of both used and brand new cars, cheap options and great deals and offers for both new and used cars, buying cars from abroad (Japan, Dubai, United States, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Singapore and Canada), then you have come to the right website. Talk to us online (WhatsApp) or visit our car bond in Juba.


Don’t Have Enough Money for a New Car? – Trade in Your Car for a Newer Model

Learn more about our car trade in/exchange/barter/top up programme – Exchange your old car for a newer model, add a little top up and save the money. Despite your vehicle reliability, there comes a time to upgrade your car. Whether you are upgrading for a newer model, or you fancy something a bit more flashy than the economic family car, purchasing your next vehicle is always an exciting time. It is advisable to sell your car before it gets too old, not just because it will eventually start to fail and develop internal mechanical issues and potentially end up costing you a lot of money in repairs, but also because every year it could be losing value. Updating your vehicle choice can save you money in the long run and it means you get a shiny new car.