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The road ahead in South Sudan- Cars to look out for in 2021

Monde Motors Limited – Used and new cars for sale in South Sudan

(Juba, South Sudan)

Toyota Harrier – Mid Size SUV

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The Toyota Harrier has been a favourite of South Sudann buyers since it first appeared in the car bonds. What makes the Harrier a compelling proposition is the fact that it has Lexus descent. Since the Lexus is a luxury brand from Toyota that always has all the goodies, these treats easily make their way into the Harrier in the most natural ways.

The original Harrier has now aged and many owners typically moved on to the second generation popularly known as the Kawundo. This is still a favourite among South Sudann buyers and is about to be the same for 2021.
The saying ‘don’t fix success’ could well have been applied to the original Harrier. It is sleek, more powerful, roomier and has an even more luxurious interior than its well-regarded predecessor.

Mercedes Benz E Class – Luxury Saloon

When the W211 model E Class was launched in 2002, it was heralded as a huge step up from the W210 model which it replaced. Gone were the upright styling and boxy looks which had given way to sweeping lines and subtle curves. The square interior evolved into a swooping, well designed cabin with generous appointment for both driver and passengers, and the technology package reached all new heights. All in all, things looked promising for the new E-Class.
In 2020, virtually all suburbs in South Sudan with relatively high concentrations of wealth saw a huge spike of the Mercedes Benz E-Class model years 2003-2009 on their roads. This was a popular buy for many who believe it is time to go German. This trend is bound to continue in 2021 with more people starting their German car ownership with this specific car as its used car market prices continue to fall.

Toyota Premio – Saloon

Specifically the 2001 through 2007 models, the Premio has always been a favourite among South Sudann drivers due to its low fuel consumption, high sale values, reliability and low maintenance costs.
This is the kind of car that shall never miss a beat during its tenure and this is why South Sudann buyers love it. The Toyota Premio is a solid South Sudann citizen that shall find a home in any compound, garage and with any driver.

Toyota Mark X – Executive Saloon

With a premium interior which, for me is the highlight, the Toyota Mark X continued to sell in droves in 2020. Why do people love this car? It was a worthy replacement for the venerable Toyota Mark II. The Mark X has a distinctive look. A prominent crease flows all the way from the nose to the tail, which makes the top of the car look like it is sitting on the wider lower portion.
Instead of a Toyota badge, a large X emblem sits on the grille. The headlights are a unique design featuring three linked light units. The interior of this car feels modern for its age. Most Mark Xs are rear-wheel drive and use a six-speed transmission. Just take a count today, the Mark X is one of the hottest cars on the market right now and it is loved by people who love saloon cars, but want something above average from the Toyota stable.
We shall see the newer models of the mark X become more common in 2021, although it is a shame that Toyota discontinued the mark X in 2019.

Toyota Wish – Estate car

Who thought there would be a car that would replace the esteemed Toyota Ipsum? Enter 2020 and enter the Toyota Wish, a car that was created with the usual Japanese tastes very much in mind. The Toyota’s styling does little to betray the parent company’s nationality, instead opting for the sort of clean, global village look for the car of its time in its segment.

Today, there are more people carriers to choose from than ever before but as well as practicality and space. This makes style a key requirement for many buyers. That may explain why the Wish, which has been a comfortable replacement for many previous Ipsum owners, is thankfully a much better offering with a well-appointed interior, stylish looks and clever seven-seat flexibility.

Of course the third row of seats, if you get one that includes them, is a little cramped and difficult to access but the Wish is comfortable on the move and feels refined and well built. Toyota has got its priorities right with this one. The Corolla estate is a safe, practical, reliable, solidly-built family car and shall gracefully hold its position into 2021.

Honourable mention – Toyota Alphard

Cheap Priced 2006 Toyota Alphard for Sale in Juba, South Sudan - Monde Motors
Cheap Priced 2006 Toyota Alphard for Sale in Juba, South Sudan – Monde Motors

This car’s interior offers dimensions and materials befitting a proper luxury people mover. With so much flexibility in the Alphard’s seating arrangements, the Alphard has won many’s heart with its incredibly superior comfort. It is one of those cars you actually have to get into to understand why many are buying it, although I would say the popularity today is driven by the falling of prices on the used car market. Either way, it is a car to look out for in 2021.

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