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Volkswagen ID.X concept: is this the GTI of tomorrow?

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Volkswagen is often credited with being the creator of the hot hatch segment after the first generation Golf GTI was lauded for being something of a giant killer in terms of performance, but also a vehicle you could drive sedately to do your shopping with. And with the birth of electric vehicles on a large scale, we can only hope that the ID.X is the future GTI.

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The ID.X concept, recently teased by Volkswagen CEO Ralph Brandstätter, is the next chapter in the VW ID product portfolio. This performance EV hatchback is based on the ID.3 EV sold in Europe, uses bits and pieces from the recent ID.4 concept, and rides on the company’s MEB platform.

What’s the ID.X packing?

Underneath the grey and neon green finish are dual electric engines that send drive to all four wheels. They’re powered by an 82 kWh battery. Essentially, it’s the same powertrain that featured in the ID.4, but with an extra 25 kW for a peak power output of 245 kW.

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Brandstätter also mentioned that Volkswagen engineers managed to make the ID.X 200 kg lighter than the ID.4 and claimed that the ID.X will sprint to 100 km/h from rest in just 5.3 seconds. There’s also a drift mode, similar to the feature found in the current Golf R. And the suspension has been tweaked so that the ID.X rides lower and probably a bit stiffer too.

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What are the chances it’ll make production?

At the moment Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed anything, but the segment pioneer would be passing up a huge opportunity to get a head start on the competition. Especially when you consider the advancements the brand has made in recent years with EV technology.

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