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VW Beetle Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

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The VW Beetle popularly known as the Bug is an iconic car that was in production for many years and became the global symbol of German engineering. It was simple, practical and affordable which made it very successful in virtually every market in the world including Kenya. It went out of production in 1974 but came back as the New Beetle in 1997 which never really hit the market as expected and was again retooled in 2011 as the Beetle A5. It finally went out of production in 2019 and there are no plans to revive if so far. VW Beetle Engine and Transmission Options The Beetle A5 comes with a range of petrol and diesel engines, these are; a 1.2-Litre petrol TSI engine, a 1.4-Litre petrol TSI engine, a 1.6-Litre diesel TDI engine and a 2.0-Litre diesel TDI engine. These are linked to…

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